The Salt River wild horses are the beloved and majestic horses roaming the lower Salt River in the Tonto National Forest, AZ. They are the pride of the community, and the icon of the wild, free spirit of the American West.

     The Salt River wild horses are a historic population of unbranded, unclaimed, wild and free-roaming horses, that were born in the wild and are protected within our National Forest.

     Back in 1890 the Salt River wild horses were referred to as “native animals”.  According to Arizona’s own historical records, wild horses have been living on the Salt River and the Salt River Valley since well before the Tonto National Forest was created in 1902, but more likely much longer. Today we feel lucky that the Salt River Wild Horses remain protected by AZ state statute 3-1491. 

     The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) is an Arizona-based nonprofit organization dedicated to monitor, study and protect the Salt River wild horses. Luckily they were able to prevent the roundup and removal with the help of coalition partners and the public of Arizona. The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group coordinates it's volunteers every day on the river, to monitor the wild horses and record birth rates, death rates, herd dynamics and migrating patterns. They keep records for each individual wild horse and they care deeply about their well being.

     The SRWHMG provides fence maintenance, feeding during extreme drought conditions, and runs a humane birth control  program using PZP to manage the herd population.  PZP was created, tested, and has now been in use for more than 27 years. PZP does not alter horse behavior and is not permanent birth control.

     A majority of the proceeds of the sales on this site are donated to the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

     This site is managed by, and the Images are provided by GP Walsh Photography.  If you wish to contact us by email or call 480-275-4526 

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